Women's March - Albany, CA

Start: Saturday, January 21, 2017 8:00 AM

ALL are welcome to march to show support for the rights of women, children, men, minorities,the LGBTQ community, immigrants and undocumented people, the environment, and anyone else who may feel threatened by our new administration. Think globally, act locally. Start off your day of demonstration close to home in Albany. We'll walk from Ocean View Elementary School at 1000 Jackson St. to the Memorial Torch at the corner of Solano and Key Route. We'll start early -- 8:00 am -- so you will be able to join other marches in the Bay Area, if you would like to. Wear Pink (for Women's Rights) or Purple (for anti-bullying) or Rainbows (for LGBTQ rights) and a Pussy Hat! Let Your Voice Be Heard Feel free to make signs that express your beliefs. Please be aware that we would like this to be welcoming to all families (so maybe limit the profanity . . . ). Meet at 7:30 am to make signs. Bring posterboard, pens, etc. We are looking forward to gathering together as a community to support each other in the spirit of love, acceptance, and hope. EVERYONE is invited, including people of all ages, all genders, all sexual preferences, all races, all religions, and all political viewpoints. Please feel free to invite local friends!