Women's March - Bend, OR

Start: Saturday, January 21, 201711:00 AM

This gathering occurs in solidarity with the national march in Washington DC and with other sister marches across the state, country, indeed the globe. We are supported by and working with the national and state organizers as well as locally by the Protect Our Progress Coalition (POP-C) of intersectional activists.

This event is lawful, peaceful, family friendly and will occur regardless the weather, so dress for it!

We will assemble at the amphitheatre at Drake Park at 11:00 am after a brief speech, we will have a pedestrian/sidewalk march through downtown ending at Crow's Feet Commons/Riverfront Plaza where we will be entertained with musical guests, hear speakers and have an opportunity to learn about andbecome engaged in a variety of social justice groups here in our community (including the on-going work of the women's march organization).

We believe it is important to gather and march here because this is where we live, work and play and we shouldn't have to leave our hometown to make our voices heard.

We believe it is important to think globally and act locally. In the wake of the hateful and violence provoking rhetoric of the election season, it is more important than ever for us compassionate, progressive women, men, people to stand up for justice for all. We must be a beacon of light and hope in the darkness of this election for all who feel fearful, anxious, alone and isolated.

We stand together for equality for women, the LGBT community, People of Color, the environment, Immigrants of all statuses, Muslims, disabled individuals, reproductive rights and freedom from domestic and sexual abuse.

Hope to see you there!