Women's March Ghana Group

Start: January 21, 201710:00 AM

Welcome to the Ghana Support "Sister" Event for the Women's March on Washington

Who:  You!! and please reach out to friends and even acquaintances who might come with that extra nudge---then pass their names and email contacts on to us ....you are the important link to spread the word!! you can download the contact pix attached to this email and post it on FB saying in the comments that you are going...you can forward this email!!  just be sure people email me so they stay in the loop

What: this is more a gathering, not a march...it is an opportunity for like-minded people to gather to support the ideals of the "Mother March"

We WILL have professionally printed signs including a select few that the first people there can personalize!!the signs are all of a positve nature--this is not an anti-event full of angry protest--this is a show of solidarity for basic human rights and decency for all.

We will be a stationary gathering ~this is an easy-peasy kind of symbolic event that will make you feel good as you are part of a global phenomenon!!

Where:  Across from the front gate to the Embassy of the United States of America -

I think most taxi drivers know how to get there, but just in case a map is inserted below (note we will be directly across from the main entrance which is flanked by two guard gates...marked with an X on the map and just to the Embassy side of the cluster of vendors that usually sit there)  The address to enter is :   No. 24, Fourth Circular Rd, Accra, Ghana

Since it is a Saturday there should be parking in that area ...but we will want to leave an open corridor directly accross from the entrance for us to stand so please park down the road a bit...you might also want to park at Lord of the Wings (more on that later).

It is extremely important that we do not enter the road or cross over to the Embassy side.  I have had to assure (in several meetings over the last week) the National ,Regional and Divisional Commanders of the Ghana Police Force that we will follow their guidelines on this and of course to consult with the Embassy staff on location and decorum. Please commit to following these simple rules. We should have two police "escorts" on the day.  

When:  10AM on Saturday January 21st for about an hour before repairing to Lord of the Rings...but if you can only come for a half hour then still plan to come!!
We decided not to attempt to have our event at the same time as the March--and this way you can go home and watch it on CNN or BBC  (by the way the BBC will feature our event on their gallery of sister marches)

How :  with decorum and dignity ...I have assured the Embassy and Police that this will not be a raucous event. Embassy guards will ask us to leave if that is not maintained...and we really don't want the police riled :-)

What to wear:
Comfortable shoes and clothes. However it is good for us to look well groomed and while comfortable ~still well-presented! Since people always ask "what are you wearing"  I will probably wear a navy blue dress and try to incorporate red white and blue somehow with a scarf or beads... red white and blue would be fun if you can do it easily ....I wear a dress mostly because it is the coolest mode for me here...absolutely not necessary to wear a dress....(and I will be wearing my worn out training shoes as well)

we will have a free lance journalist present and we have been asked to make a short video by a producer in California for a documentary.  I will also take pictures (yes I talked with the head of security at the Embassy --pictures can be taken but not facing the Embassy--there is a delightful corrugated metal fence for our background (but it has a few political posters on it)

What to bring:
Your phone (goes without saying these days) for pix and contact.  

Your friends.
Your husband or partner (yes men are welcome!!)--mine is coming for sure...he supports this fully!!

What not to Bring--probably goes without saying, but....
anything anti government in any form...this is an event to support ideals ...and I have made assurances on that front
any alcoholic beverages or other drugs
anything that could possible be construed as a weapon

After Party

The in front of Embassy gathering will likely be a fairly short event...we can talk and show our signs and get to know each other...

those who want will then repair to Lord of the Wings--it is pictured on the map above

I mentioned that we might carry our signs there to the Embassy official and he said we were on our own (which we are in any case--the Embassy actually does not have jurisdiction of the streets--the police do--hence the hours in sweaty police hallways to get their permission)...

so, depending on what our police escorts say, we may walk to Wings as a little bit of a march or we may put away our signs and make our way there as we can---it is very close. And if you think ahead you can park there or have your driver arrange to get you there!!

I have talked to the manager of Wings and he has alerted their security that we may arrive at about 11:00 --before the restaurant is open --but he has given us permission to sit on the veranda pre-opening and have a chat...he even gave me a few menus for us to peruse while we wait for opening. Of course all food and drink is on your own account!!

This will be a good place for discussing how we came to be part of this (though I expect much of that will take place as we stand in front of the Embassy)...and yes vent and rant a bit.

This is when we can talk seriously about how we will put our symbolic showing up into future action ...focusing on how individuals can make a difference--not creating an organization or anything like that...but good to have a group to talk with

Contact numbers

I have a cheap little phone so it is best to email me if you need anything unless there is some last minute concern on the day...but here it is:   055 738 9140

My husband, Tom, will be with me on the day and his phone is better (only for use on Saturday 21st):  024 270 0839


Email me--want this to go smoothly for everyone!!  (and someone else might have the exact same question!)

Don't want to miss any updates??
Put me in your contacts so you don't miss an alert:  janenorendavis@gmail.com