Women's March Oaxaca

Start: Saturday, January 21, 201711:00 AM

All are welcome to join a march of U.S. citizens and friends in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington

En español vea: https://womensmarchoaxaca.wordpress.com/marcha-de-las-mujeres/

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2017 – 11:00 AM

Permission received from the Municipio for our proposed march on January 21! Let’s Go!

Meet at the southwest corner of the Santo Domingo plaza. (Macedonio Alcalá and Gurrión) Look for a woman holding a small globe (marmota chiquita) saying “January 21”

There will be a brief introduction and then we will start marching at 11:20. Accompanied by the transit police, we will silently march down the Alcalá (Andador Turístico) to Av. de la Independencia, cross Independencia, and continue to the front of the Cathedral. The march will disperse there.

We will also distribute a pamphlet in Spanish and English to explain the march and how to get information on future events/actions.

Banners? Signs? What to Say?

There will be a banner with the Washington march logo and text that says, SISTER MARCH IN OAXACA, MEXICO ~ EN SOLIDARIDAD CON LOS MEXICANOS, leading the march. The planning group will also make some placards for marchers to carry.

Please feel free to make your own bilingual sign. Keep it short, respectful, legible, and directed at our concerns for the new U.S. Administration, as foreigners are forbidden by law from involvement in Mexican politics.

Suggestions for slogans include statements of values that we hold dear for example, “Honestidad/Honesty”; or “Dignidad/Dignity”; Derechos Humanos Para Todos; (Human Rights for All); “Women’s Rights are Human Rights;” or “Derechos de Las Mujeres son Derechos Humanos.’’ Want to say something about the proposed US built wall across the Mexican/US border? “No al Muro” (No to the Wall) is short and sweet. Other themes include “Earth is our only planet . Take care of it”, or “La Tierra es nuestro unico planeta.. Cuidalo.” Or “Science is Real (La ciencia es real).

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Any questions? Email engageoaxaca@gmail.com. Or view the website womensmarchoaxaca.wordpress.com

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