Women's March on Washington - Solidarity March Saskatoon

Start: Saturday, January 21, 201710:00 AM

End: Saturday, January 21, 201711:00 AM

Saturday, 21st January

at 10 o'clock

City Hall, Saskatoon


On January 21 2017, the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency, women-led marches, welcoming all participants, will take place across the world, with the largest expected in Washington D.C.. We call on people of all genders to march in Saskatoon as part of an international day of action in solidarity.

We will march, wherever we march, for the protection of our fundamental rights and for the safeguarding of freedoms threatened by recent political events. We unite and stand together for the dignity and equality of all peoples, for the safety and health of our planet and for the strength of our vibrant and diverse communities.

We will come together in the spirit of democracy, honouring the champions of human rights who have gone before us. Please spread the word, so that our numbers are too great to ignore and the message to the world is clear.The politics of fear and division have no place in 2017.

The route is fully accessible.


Many thanks for all of your interest in the Women's March on Washington -
Saskatoon (just one of the 26 marches in Canada and 160 marches worldwide, and counting)!

We are very much looking forward to the day and to marching together in the name of gender equality, the spirit of democracy and justice. We have been working with the City of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Police to ensure the march is conducted in a peaceful and organized fashion.

Detailed below are the route and program

Please note that the march will follow the sidewalk and as such normal
traffic rules apply. There will be marshals along the way, however it is
entirely your individual responsibility to obey traffic laws. So please be
safe along the route of the march.

The rally will congregate below the clock at City Hall, where we will hear
MLA Danielle Chartier speak. We will also hear words from City Councillor,
Hilary Gough.

We will then set off along 23rd Street East to 4th Avenue N and head South.

At 19th Street we will turn right (heading west) up to 3rd Avenue.

We will follow 3rd Avenue North all the way along and past City Hall, circling the block and loop back to the start to disperse and go off to enjoy your day!

We ask that you ensure that any litter/signs/placards are taken away with you. We will have 30 placards for people to borrow, please use these during the march and return them to the Clock in front of City Hall after the march. There will be marshals wearing fluorescent vests at the event to answer questions and guide you around the route.

After the march why not do something in the local community! Whether this be simply taking a bus; visiting an elderly friend or relative or crossing the street to the Frances Morrison library where there is a Family Literacy Event taking place at 11am. For further ideas go to:


Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to marching with you on Saturday.