Women's March - Vienna, Austria

Start: Saturday, January 21, 201712:00 PM

Following the election, a group of women in the United States have decided to stand up to hate and march in Washington, DC.  Being an American ex-pat living in Vienna, I was feeling alone and helpless in my want to support this cause. I decided to create this event as a demonstration of solidarity with the women marching in Washington on January 21st. Since the creation of this event, the Women's March on Washington has become a GLOBAL movement.

I ask you to stand with me if you believe in human rights for all people. What do you march for? Women's rights? LBGTQ rights? Freedom of religion? The right to protect our environment? This is your chance to stand for what YOU believe in.

This is a demonstration to stand FOR Human Rights for ALL people. I do not believe in negatively targeting one person or group...instead I believe in POSITIVELY standing up for what you believe in. This is a PEACEFUL demonstration, to stand with the people marching all over the world in solidarity with the women marching on Washington to stand up for human rights for all. Choose your cause and stand for it with us.

Geneva chapter's Karen Olson describes this global movement as the following "The Global Women’s March is the first step to beginning the next chapter in the global non-violent civil rights movement that we are now creating in response to the wave of xenophobia, sexism, racism, isolationism and nationalism expressed in national elections across the globe in recent years. "

For more information, please check out the official website on the Washington March:


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