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  • Carmela Sudano

    Her refusal to denounce him has dampened my enthusiasm. She needs to step down. Damage done.

  • Sharon McNair

    I so support what this organization represents, but please tell me there isn’t a problem with anti Semitism within it as I heard in a discussion on CNN.

    • Gail Parnell

      From what I gathered, one of the co-founders has a relationship with a leader of a quite anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc. group and she appears to refuse to denounce him or their relationship. Seems sketchy to me but still shouldn't take away from the bigger mission of the Women's Movement.

  • Robin Pendergrast

    Colette and others.. I will be there shooting images for a wire service out of New York...but
    glad to share a file with you...or others.
    Need email.

  • Bruce Chapman

    Let's shut them down, shut down the cabal that has taken over America! The People have the power! Let's show them who owns this country! We do!

  • Robin Pendergrast

    A fabulous event...will be shooting images for National Wire Service. Glad to share with you. National board.
    Thank you. Park City this year too ?

  • Simone Malboeuf

    I have a commitment already at the Salt Palace downtown Salt Lake City So I cant go to mine in San Luis Obispo CA Our lunch break is during your event so I am thrilled to be able to attend your event In Gratitude Simone Malboeuf

  • Kimberly Brown

    There's conflicting information about this event. In the summary email I got it says it starts at 12:00 pm., but in the event details it says 10:00 am.

    • Nancy Adams

      The match starts at 10 from Washington Square to the Capitol where speakers commence at 12.

  • Elizabeth Weight

    As a state legislator, I'm excited to participate with other activists to keep raising awareness of issues about which women have unique perspectives and creative solutions. As an educator, I encourage every parent to support the participation of your daughters, along with their friends, brothers, and entire households, as we combine voices for better communities!

    • Cassandra Perry

      Love it! Thanks for the support Representative Weight! May we all keep such conversation and encouragement going in 2019.

    • Carmela Sudano

      Thank you! I’m excited to join with everyone to be one voice!

Womxn’s March on Utah

Start: Saturday, January 19, 201912:00 PM

End: Saturday, January 19, 2019 1:00 PM

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