WORKSHOP - Help shape our next mass action!

Start: Saturday, January 18, 2020 9:00 AM

End: Saturday, January 18, 2020 3:00 PM

You are invited to help shape the next Extinction Rebellion WA mass action to co-incide with International Rebellion dates coming in April/May 2020.

This Saturday 18th January 9am - 3pm is your chance to set the scene for our next big Rebellion action, to coincide with International Rebellion dates being set for April/May 2020.

Over the day, Action Working Group are hosting 3 open collaboration sessions where together, we will set the Vision and key Objectives and start work on Strategies to make the impact we need to get this emergency to the top priority of all Western Australians. In the spirit of Extinction Rebellion all are welcome, and the sessions are designed along the principles of deliberative democracy, using Empathy Circle to promote active listening and open our minds to other’s views, People’s Assembly for setting our collective Vision, and Open Space Technology (facilitated by Renu Burr) to do the Objective setting.

If you haven't yet been to a Rebel Welcome (aka Induction) session - please ensure you have worked though, have a good understanding and agree with our Demands and Principles and Values.

Check out the workshop background information document here for an explainer of what these terms mean as well as a whole lot of other important info.

We'd also like you to fill out this SWOT analysis for XRWA (don't worry if you don't know what that means - all is explained in the form!)

Can you help us cater the event? Bring a generous plate of food + snacks to share! We will not have a catered lunch, we will graze over the day to keep energy levels up.

Are you a trained/experienced Facilitator? We'd love to chat about your willingness to take on that role at certain points during the Workshop. Please tick the box in the form!

Why Rebel?

We do not wish to cause anyone disruption or inconvenience - but there is no time left for business-as-usual - we must Rebel. Mass civil disobedience is required to turn climate emergency around, when our political systems have failed us. In Australia, neither major party is committed to the action we require, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge climate emergency or to take the action that the scientific community are desperately urging. When politicians fail to keep us safe and secure, it is a citizen's duty to rebel.

Climate-induced natural disasters are here and now - South-Eastern Australia is in a state of emergency, with lives, homes and livelihoods forever lost to bushfires, which have overtaken the devastating drought and dying river systems in the news. Western Australia may soon suffer food shortages as a result of road closures due to catastrophic bushfires on the Nullabor that have raged unchecked for days, and 4 agricultural areas in the Great Southern have been declared 'Water Deficient' - requiring water to be trucked in to keep animals alive. Agricultural production in Australia has declined markedly due to climatic trends, and Aboriginal people continue to have their land rights trodden over by fossil fuel projects at a time when no more fossil fuel development can be sustained by our atmosphere. Things are out of control.

Extinction Rebellion join dozens of other climate movements to force the changes we need - get involved, the time is now, and we are the people to do it!