World Car Free Day Rebel Ride

Start: Thursday, September 22, 2022 5:30 PM

Woman riding a bicycle, signaling a left turn. On her right is a busy city filled with cars and smog. To her left is a clean and thriving with clean air and a healthy ecosystem.
Art by Mona Caron

Join Car Free Boston and people all over the world to celebrate World Car Free Day

Cities all over the world celebrate Sept 22 as "World Car Free Day". This is part of a long tradition of the car free movement that has led cities and their citizens to prioritize pedestrians, cyclists and public transit over the private automobile. XR Boston and Car Free Boston

will take part this year and imagine a city for people, free from the polluting, dangerous, noisy and climate altering automobile. Join us for a tour of the city by bike, scooter, rollerblades and skateboards!

cars and climate collapse:

  • The private car is responsible for around 24% of greenhouse gas pollution in MA.
  • If SUVs were a country they would rank 7th in CO2 impact.
  • Vehicle pollution in the Northeast is responsible for thousands of premature deaths per year.

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