XRWA Spring Rebellion - Flood The City - Oct 11th

Start: Friday, October 11, 2019 8:00 AM


The waters are rising and so are we!

Join us and Rebels from around the World to disrupt business as usual to bring urgent attention to the climate emergency. There is a huge week of action planned for the International Week of Rebellion with Friday October 11th - FLOOD THE CITY being the finale. It will be one of the biggest days of mass civil disobedience on behalf of climate change that Perth has ever seen!

Did you know that Boorloo (aka Perth CBD area) was once a fertile, flourishing wetlands, providing food, community gathering sites and spiritually significant for Whadjuk people before colonisation? Much of the foreshore area was in fact river. And now, recent analyses have shown that when sea levels rise - many parts of the CBD will be threatened by rising tides. For this reason, our mass action is titled FLOOD THE CITY!

We will start our day's journey at Gumap/Elizabeth Quay (see this map) - this area once was river foreshore, an important fishing ground for Whadjuk people. Infilled by the British colonists through the late 1800's for their recreation, then dug out again more recently for the same reason and re-named after the distant British monarch. We will reclaim this space as the starting point for our marching flood of people through the city, symbolising the flooding that is to come with climate change. We will occupy city streets and public places and show the good citizens of Perth that we are good people, rising up at a critical point in history. We will disrupt, respectfully. We will engage, creatively.

This event will feature XR Rebel creativity, fun and engagement in a festival atmosphere so bring your good vibes, energy and skills. There are so many ways to get involved from being directly involved in actions to playing support roles such as wellbeing and outreach. Like cooking? Rebels need to eat too! Play an instrument? Come share your skills and keep the energy high and vibes positive. Do you like to create art? Express your vision of a brighter future through your medium of choice. What can you bring to symbolise Flooding the City?

A briefing with be done at the beginning of the day and we'll give you as much information as we can in the lead up via email so make sure you sign up by filling out the form on the right and we'll keep you in the know.

We expect large number of arrests, however you do not need to risk arrest to take part. Learn more about it at Peaceful Protest Training!

We are completely non-violent, our actions are done in full public view and we each take responsibility for them. We have an Action Consensus which outlines how we work together on actions, and an Action Kit to help you get started creating your own.

Role Descriptions - add more comments in the form, or email us for more info about any of these roles!

  • Wellbeing Support: Taking care of rebels with food, water, psychological and spiritual support, etc. Monitor individuals who are arrested, meet arrestee’s when they’re released with smiles and hugs. De-escalate tension with public and police
  • Crowd Marshall: Wave a flag or hold a banner to help keep people on track
  • Medic: Certified First aiders on hand in case of injury, until paramedics can attend.
  • Police Liaison: be able to negotiate Police response and de-escalate where necessary (training support provided)
  • Legal Observers: Independant observers of the behaviour of Authorities and crowd participants (training support provided)
  • Arrestee Support: be available to pick up arrestees from Watch House/s, keep track of their release and give them support when they get out. (training support provided)
  • Logistics: Help to move props, carry mobile PA systems, etc.
  • Media: Film, Photos and/or Social Media - document and share the event, with outreach to communicate to public and media (before, during and after event), etc.
  • Outreach: Communicate and engage with public, etc.
  • Vibes: Help create an amazing atmosphere on the bridge, show the world that this very serious Rebellion is also about love and fun.
  • Other: You tell us!

Extinction Rebellion is us and Extinction Rebellion is you. The success of this event relies on all of us coming together to make it something special.

We are standing on a precipice and now is the time to come together as community and stand for the change we want to see in the World!

Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse. History shows us that this is the most effective way to create change and shake up the political system that is failing us and threatening our very survival.

To learn more about what Extinction Rebellion is working to achieve, check out https://xrwa.earth/.