YES ON I-135: Ballot Printing Station -- Social Housing for All!

Start: Saturday, February 11, 202312:00 PM

End: Saturday, February 11, 2023 4:00 PM

Join Seattle DSA in hosting a YES on I-135 ballot printing station! We’ll be hosting a table at the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station with a printer, ballot materials, and an unofficial ballot drop box. Hosting a ballot printing station is a bit higher stakes than normal tabling, so to ensure everyone’s on the same page, please RSVP so we can make sure you're up to date on KC Elections’ guidelines on ballot printing stations beforehand. We'll be coordinating with the SDSA canvass in Capitol Hill at the same time, so you may have an opportunity to knock doors as well (please wear walking shoes!).

Need a refresher on I-135?

  • Publicly owned forever and governed by renters, community members, labor, and subject matter professionals.
  • Mixture of income levels from very low to moderate income, with permanently affordable rents (less than 30% monthly income) independent of rental market.
  • Restorative conflict resolution prior to the start of any eviction procedures, and no evictions based on changes to household income.
  • Built Union, Built Green to Passive House standards.
  • Should use a lottery-based, minimal barrier, no-fee or background check application process which doesn’t discriminate based on immigration status.
  • Should include daycares, communal kitchens and/or other community resources

If that gets you hyped, help make it happen!

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