Youth v. Gov Rally

Start: Tuesday, June 04, 2019 1:30 PM

End: Tuesday, June 04, 2019 3:00 PM

As the climate movement gains momentum, we are looking ahead to the future. One of the landmark pieces of the climate justice movement is the Youth V. Gov case currently being fought right here in Oregon. As we fight the fossil fuel industry, these young people are fighting for a better, more just representation of the peoples’ will in US law.

The next step in the Youth V. Gov case for our right to a stable climate system is scheduled to take place in Portland on June 4th! Join us for a rally to show our support! The rally will be hosted by one of our partners, Our Children’s Trust, so let’s rally behind them to strengthen our movement!

Help us demonstrate our widespread national support for these young Americans and the constitutional climate rights they seek to protect. We are asking supporters like you to mobilize on the day of the hearing!

Are you in Portland on June 4th? Join more than a thousand supporters at Director Park downtown at 1:30 pm to watch the live-streamed oral argument. We will be just a few blocks from the courthouse (which only seats about 40 people). Afterwards, we will hear from youth plaintiffs, their attorneys, and other community and climate movement members.

Come celebrate a milestone in this historic case! Together, we will elevate youth voices, broaden our coalition, and come together to show all elected officials, local and national, that We the People will keep rising until they do their job. There will be music, art, and speakers throughout the morning.

Check out the Facebook event and share it with your friends here! Also follow @350_pdx and @youthvgov on Instagram for updates!

If you are interested in helping with mobilizing Portland around this event, please contact us using this link!

Event by
Chris Palmer
Portland, Oregon