Zero Waste Policy Action Night

Start: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 6:00 PM

End: Wednesday, January 10, 2024 7:30 PM

Join us for a fun night of community action where you can get involved in the making of Zero Waste policies for the State of Minnesota!

Storytelling is the backbone of movement building and change making. Making new policies also involves story telling. Together we will work on telling three different stories, “story of self” with the goal of identifying sources of your own calling to Zero Waste in which you will call upon others (story of us) to join you in action (story of now).

What to expect:

  • Get more information and provide input on the policies that the ZW Coalition will bring forward in 2024
  • Join the coalition in brainstorming solutions for Zero Waste and the HERC transition
  • Share your knowledge and encourage others
  • Work with others to tell your personal Zero Waste story, and join us to create a shared story before we head into this session together

Logistics & Accessibility:

  • The event will be both in-person and virtual
  • Closed captioning will be available for the virtual event
  • Please let us know in the RSPV form if you need childcare or interpretation during the in-person event
  • Snacks will be provided

Minnesota Zero Waste Coalition

Who We Are:

Established in early 2023, we are an alliance of Minnesota-based organizations, environmental justice advocates, waste experts, sustainable waste service providers, and community members committed to advancing a future for Minnesota without waste.

Our movement centers the voices and experiences of frontline communities, who are most negatively and directly impacted by the extraction of resources, production of goods, and disposal of waste. With equitable zero-waste solutions, more people will have access to clean air, fresh water, green jobs, and healthier neighborhoods.

What We Stand For:

Environmental Justice: We prioritize Environmental Justice (EJ) and center EJ principles in our engagement, outreach, policy advocacy, and program development.

An Inclusive Movement: Everyone has a role to play in reducing waste and reaching Zero Waste. Organizations and individuals supporting our waste reduction goals, protecting precious resources, and environmental justice are welcome to join the movement.

Waste-Free World: We are committed to collectively advocating for policies and community programs that drive us towards a healthy, just, and waste-free world.

This event is accessible