No to Trump's Plan for Executive Action on Free Speech on Campus

Update, 3/21/19 President Trump signed the executive order (EO) today, March 21. Read a Chronicle of Higher Ed article, which includes the text of the EO, here, and then add your name. We'll deliver the open letter next week.

President Trump's pledge to issue an executive order that would deny federal research funds to colleges and universities that do not support free speech is a dangerous solution to a largely nonexistent problem. American colleges and universities are far from perfect, but with few exceptions they welcome a greater diversity of viewpoints and opinions than just about any other institution in society. While the specific provisions of the promised executive order have not been revealed, like misleadingly named "free-speech" legislation at the state level, they are more likely to stifle than encourage free expression and diversity of opinion.

Add your name to our open letter below:

Dear President Trump:

Given the important role of colleges and universities in debate, dissent, and the free exchange of ideas, the AAUP strongly supports freedom of expression on campus and the rights of faculty and students to invite speakers of their choosing. We oppose, however, any executive action  that interferes with the institutional autonomy of colleges and universities by undermining the role of faculty, administration, and governing board in institutional decision-making and the role of students in the formulation and application of institutional policies affecting student affairs.