350NH Deep Canvass: No Coal In Bow

New England is warming faster than the rest of the country. We need to act now by starting conversations in our communities about what we can do. That's why we're getting out in the community to talk to people about coal in New Hampshire.

We are deep canvassing in towns near the coal plant. When we deep canvass, we have meaningful conversations with community members about climate - and learn about what matters to them. We get to build community with people while educating the public about the dangers of the coal plant. Deep canvassing strives to be transformational. We want you to build a connection with the person you're talking to at the door.

By talking to community members about the coal plant in Bow, we will gather more community support for shutting down the plant! Can you join us for a canvassing shift?

Sign up for a canvassing shift, Thursdays from 2pm - 5pm. If you can't make it to a Thursday shift, fill out the form and let us know so we can set you up to canvass at a different time.

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