A Better Way Forward for JCPS

A coalition of public education stakeholders, including students, educators, parents, and community leaders, has developed a plan to give all Jefferson County Public School students access to a quality public education.

The student-focused 11-point plan called “A Better Way Forward for JCPS,” represents the district’s best hope for creating the public schools Jefferson County Students deserve.

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A Better Way Forward for JCPS

  • Educating the Whole Child
  • Authentic Deeper Learning:  Students are More Than a Test Score
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Caring Learning Environments
  • Recess, Play, and Service
  • Healthy and Inviting Buildings
  • Schools that Engage the Community  
  • Collaborative, Democratic Decision Making
  • Inclusion and Equity: Quality Education for All
  • A Living Wage for all JCPS Employees
  • Invest in Public Schools

Click here to download a PDF of the full plan.

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