Action Network Training Survey

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  1. Networked advocacy strategies and why they work: Drawing from a detailed study that gets behind the strategies common to all high-impact campaigns such as the Bernie Sanders grassroots mobilization machine, the global climate movement, the Fight for 15 and the new batch of #Resistance groups, this session will outline the strategic patterns common to all modern campaigns that punch well above their weight and will explore how to work those strategies into your campaign design process.
  2. Selling your team and leadership on campaign innovation: Many of us are innovators who are excited by new ways of rolling out our campaigns and organizing our base. We see other groups doing awesome stuff but have trouble getting buy-in from our teams, board, funders etc. because of general inertia and fear of change. What are some arguments and tricks we can use to get everyone on board? To answer these issues, NetChange will present scenarios and anecdotes drawing on years of work brining innovations in digital, HR and campaign strategy to orgs of all sizes.
  3. Distributed organizing deep dive and troubleshooting: As many orgs take advantage of distributed organizing to scale up and engage their base, some tricky issues tend to come up around managing these networks. Among them are how to balance what is centrally decided vs. what is left up to local groups and the logistics of supporting local teams and leaders. To answer these questions, we will look at the practices of groups like, Hollaback!, and others who have run distributed organizing for years and learn from their innovations.
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