Add your name: Joe Biden must fire Trumpists at the Social Security Administration!

Donald Trump appointed Social Security Administration Commissioner Andrew Saul and his deputy, David Black, with the explicit intention of undermining Social Security from within.

Now, Donald Trump is out of office―but Saul and Black remain, and if Joe Biden doesn’t fire them, they could continue to serve until 2025!

A whistleblower came forward recently from within the Social Security Administration and warned that Saul and Black were putting illegitimate pressure on SSA Judges to wrongfully deny people with disabilities their earned Social Security benefits!

This is unacceptable―President Biden must protect the people who rely on Social Security from these anti-Social Security Trumpists. He must fire Saul and Black today!

Saul and Black want to dismantle our Social Security system out of an ideological drive. Goings on at the Social Security Administration are often a low priority for Democrats in the White House―President Obama kept George W. Bush’s SSA commissioner through his entire first term. Congress never confirmed a successor, leaving a vacancy for Trump to fill. President Biden must not make the same mistake.

Calls for President Biden to fire Saul and Black aren’t going away. The chairs of Social Security subcommittees in the House and Senate have both demanded that President Biden take action without delay.

SIGN NOW: Tell President Biden to fire Andrew Saul and David Black from the Social Security Administration immediately!