AFSCME Women's Leadership Academy Online

Given the new challenges in a post-Janus world and upcoming 2020 statewide and national elections, it is imperative that AFSCME Women are prepared to stand tall for worker’s rights. More women must increase their knowledge of the issues that matter to workers and continue to learn important leadership skills to increase political and workplace power on a greater scale.

That's why we are excited to announce the latest AFSCME Women's Leadership Academy Online sessions. The Academy is designed for all AFSCME Women members. It will provide a deeper understanding of the issues that affect working women, strengthen leadership skills and activism, and motivate AFSCME Women to aspire to be leaders in our workplace and local unions.

Register today! AFSCME Women members who complete all three webinars and corresponding exit surveys will receive a Certificate of Completion through the Education Department of AFSCME. To receive your certificate, please contact