It takes thousands of us across Massachusetts to ensure a child gets to school, is safe and healthy while in the building, and has their needs met when they get home. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that paraprofessionals, librarians, school staff, bus drivers, educators and social workers, to name a few, are the backbone of our communities. As we begin to return to full, in-person learning, AFT members are needing more: a sense of security, safety and the promise of an educational industry that will serve them now and forever. Our first step in doing this: telling our stories.

The general public has no idea what the day to day life is like for an AFT member, but we're here to change that. In collaboration with Samara Collective, we have launched #AFTVoices, an AFT Massachusetts member spotlight series that tells the honest truth of what it has been like for members both before and during this deadly pandemic. As frontline heroes, we refuse to let our sacrifices be ignored. We need more, and we get there by uniting our voices. Complete the form to join the #AFTVoices campaign!

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