Application - DSA International Committee Leadership

DSA's International Committee (IC) invites DSA members to apply for appointment to the below open leadership positions on the IC:

  • Steering Committee (two open positions)
  • Secretariat (one open position)
  • Co-Chair, Economics and Trade Subcommittee (one open position)
  • Co-Chair, Europe Subcommittee (two open positions)
  • Co-Chair, Labor Subcommittee (two open positions)
  • Co-Chair, Migration and Refugees Subcommittee (two open positions)

About these positions, in brief: the ten-person SECRETARIAT oversees DSA’s diplomatic affairs and political work outside the United States and provides political counsel to the DSA's National Political Committee (NPC). The ten-person STEERING COMMITTEE oversees DSA’s international political work inside the United States through oversight of the IC’s various Subcommittees. Two SUBCOMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS serve as central nodes for much of DSA’s international solidarity and political education work, on each of the IC's nine Subcommittees.

Appointments will be made on a rolling basis at the discretion of the NPC. These are interim appointments that may be extended into the next term (June 2022). We strongly encourage application by women, BIPOC, undocumented immigrants, and members living outside of major metropolitan areas.

You can learn more about the IC at, and direct any questions to the IC Steering Committee at

Note: Please apply using the email linked to your DSA membership, as all applicants must be DSA members in good standing. Using another email can delay or even invalidate your application.