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Census Data Shows Nearly 1 Million Florida Households With No or Slight Confidence in their Ability To Pay Next Month’s Mortgage

Recent data from the US Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows that there are more than 6.3 million households in the United States that are not current on their mortgage payments, and nearly 300,000 of those are in the state of Florida.

However, when asked about their confidence in their ability to pay next month’s mortgage, the data gets a little more gloomy. More than 300,000 Florida households shared “no confidence,” with 432,000 reporting “slight confidence” and nearly 750,000 reporting just “moderate confidence” in their ability to pay next month’s mortgage.

When asked about the likelihood of being evicted due to foreclosure in the next two months, some 13,000 households reported that it was “very likely” they would have to leave their homes due to foreclosure. Another 20,000 reported it was “somewhat likely” they’d have to leave their home due to a foreclosure.

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