Sign Up for Bank Switch

BankSwitch is a campaign to pressure Canadian Banks to stop funding fossil fuels. Sign up here if you're willing to move your money to the cleanest bank in Canada on or before Earth Day 2022 .

The Big Banks aren't scared of a small organization like Climate Pledge Collective, but they are scared of each other. By waiting to move our money, we make them compete for our business.  Plus, if your bank ups their game, you won't actually have to fill out all the forms to move your money!

This form will NOT send an automatic email to your branch, because we don't want to know any of your private banking details.  Please sign up and then send a PERSONAL LETTER OR EMAIL to your home branch.  For sample letters visit:

We will never share your information, but the NUMBER of SIGN-UPS let's us tell the media and the big banks about all the Canadians looking for greener banking services!  We will send you updates about significant policy changes at the big banks (maximum once a month).

If you're not sure yet and you want to read more check out our top 8 reasons why this is the right campaign for this moment:

The first round of BankSwitch sign-ups from late 2020 and early 2021 are already in the process of moving their money, showing the banks that people are carrying through on this. We are hoping to get thousands of pledges before 2022 to really give the banks something to think about this year.