OUR HOMES OUR VOTES: Pledge to be a Housing Voter!

Are you concerned about the availability, affordability, and quality of housing in Rhode Island?

For far too many of our neighbors -- especially those with the lowest income -- a safe, healthy, affordable home is out of reach. That's why it is important to vote and make your voice heard in the upcoming elections this fall. Voting is how we choose who will represent us and make decisions about the important issues that affect our lives and community -- like housing!

Being a voter is an important action you can take to support affordable housing. Increasing supply and improving the quality of affordable homes requires strong budget investments and policy support from our elected leaders. Voting is how we hold power accountable. When residents who care about housing turn out to vote, elected officials are more likely to prioritize the issue. Your vote is your voice, and your voice matters!

Be a Housing Voter - Take the #OurHomesOurVotes Pledge!

By taking the #OurHomesOurVotes Pledge you commit to be a voter in the Primary Election (September 13) and General Election (November 8). You'll receive #VoteReady updates with important election information, resources, and timely reminders of key deadlines that will help you make a voting plan and make your voice heard.

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