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Steve Pocock

The next 6 months are huge for the London National Park City as we followup on the launch on 22nd July.

We want to reach as many people around London to let them know that London has become a National Park City, what that means, and what they can do to be involved.

We are challenging you to become a National Park City Champion. Champions will be active around London developing ideas locally and reaching out to friends, groups, organisations and companies. Champions may visit groups to talk to them about the National Park City and to explore the ideas with them, and help bring about change directly or indirectly.


The course is provided in partnership with the unique and wonderful people at The Whole Story.

Purpose of the Workshop

This workshop is the first and main step on you being able to call yourself a National Park City Champion.

You will learn about the ideas of the London National Park City and our theory of change. How we aim to reach out to everyone in London and how you can be part of that in your local area and, if you wish, across the city.

The story workshop part is a detailed (but fun!) training workshop in using story telling techniques to think through complex ideas and then to communicate them to an audience. It has a specific focus on thinking about the ideas of the National Park City, and engaging people with those ideas, but the techniques are equally valuable in all walks of life.

During the workshop you will explore your own idea for a local project. You will get a toolbox to help you investigate, create and then communicate this idea and the wider messages of the London National Park City to a diverse set of audiences. In doing this you will be contributing to our ongoing collective discovery of how to communicate with and connect with as many Londoners as possible.

At the end, alongside having a story you can use about a local topic of your choice, you will leave with techniques you can apply to any future communication situation across all sorts of projects and events.

What happens

The bulk of the workshop will be spent personalising a presentation on the London National Park City and about your own project idea, using techniques from storytelling and our base presentation toolkit. In our training we don’t focus on metaphor, allegory, parable or purely anecdote but believe that any idea or event (past, present, future or imagined) is a story and therefore can be communicated (understood and explored) with storytelling.

It is a highly participatory workshop; everyone is doing at all times. During the first third you will be working individually, gathering and structuring your content, to choose a story that best encapsulates what you need to evoke, convey and communicate to your audience. You will then spend time, with three different partners, developing what you have with spoken exercises, before combining what has been found into a five-minute presentation that you can tell memorably and engagingly, without notes or slides.

The National Park City Goal for 2019

Our goal in 2019 is to have 9 in 10 Londoners know that London is becoming a National Park City, what benefits that could mean for them, and for them to understand to some level what they can do themselves to help make it happen.

This workshop is part of an ongoing effort to find ways in which we can connect with all Londoners, and to develop a conversation with as many as possible which helps us all explore the potential of the National Park City ideas.

Is this for you?

We invite you to come along to this if:

1. You will have an interest in the London National Park City and related ideas - enjoying the outdoors and making life better by making it greener, wilder, healthier.

2. You are interested in taking that story out to groups, organisations and companies, and to engage them with our vision and your own experience and knowledge.

3. You have an idea for a local project that you want to develop your ideas and thinking around.

You do not need any existing presentation or influencing experience. This course will give you a load of tools and self-confidence in being able to speak to others about your ideas.