Becca Levy Book Club Toolkit

Did you love Dr. Becca Levy's book, Breaking the Age Code? We did too! Using her research and compelling stories, Dr. Levy makes the case why all of us, at any age, should care about addressing ageism, and--what we can do about it!

And we're convinced that more people reading and talking about this important book will help achieve our end game: Ending Ageism Together.

At Changing the Narrative, we've hosted virtual book club conversations about Becca Levy's book, and the tools we've developed can easily be adapted to an in-person book clubs as well.

So whether you're a current book club participant, a library or book store that hosts book club conversations, an organization that hosts educational programs, or an individual who simply wants to gather some friends to talk about this important book, download the toolkit!

Fill out the short form on this page, and the reply email will include the link to the toolkit folder where you can download:

  • Sample questions for your discussion
  • A sample facilitator run-of-show for a virtual session with breakout rooms
  • Some facilitator tips
  • Graphics that you can use to publicize your event.

Together, we can end ageism and create a more age just society.