Become an Agent of Change with #UpgradeMedicaid

Karla Conrad
Policy change is hard, time consuming, and it’s easy for people to feel alone in their efforts. Individuals who rely on Long Term Support Services (LTSS) through Medicaid are struggling to access a basic level of care to stay in their homes.  Caregivers who provide support for independent living  are not getting paid on time, nor are they getting paid enough.

We need YOU and your friends, family, and caregivers, to join our efforts to start a movement! Your voices and stories are vital in creating change!

Upgrade Medicaid was formed and is led by a group of passionate Iowa disability advocates who want to give these issues a face and a name so the state government cannot keep ignoring the problems.  

It is time for us to empower each other, to reclaim our civic duty and educate our elected officials on the issues Iowa constituents, their families, and their valued caregivers deal with that impact their basic care.

Please fill our this short form so we can help build a stronger alliance across the state.  None of this information will be shared to any other person or group.  The information you share with us will help us connect you with your legislators and make a greater impact over the next few years in the Iowa Legislature and beyond.

Disability issues SHOULD be nonpartisan.  We need to remind our elected officials.  

Thank YOU for being part of this effort.  Together, we are stronger.  

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