We Charge Genocide: International Day of Action for Permanent Ceasefire Now!

Join Rising Majority and other national partners for a Day of Action on January 26 to amplify pressure on the targets of a lawsuit brought against President Biden, Secretary Blinken, and Secretary Austin for their failure to prevent – and complicity in – Israel’s unfolding genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians in Gaza and the U.S., together with our partners at the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit last November seeking an emergency court order to halt U.S. support for Israel’s genocide. On December 8, the U.S. government responded, and are unsurprisingly attempting to evade legal responsibility, saying their participation in this genocide is a policy rather than legal question. On January 26, while lawyers for Palestinians will be urging the court to end military support to Israel, we call on you to take action wherever you are to ramp up the pressure on Biden, Blinken and Austin.

The law is on our side, morality is on our side, and the multitude is with Palestine, but it will be an uphill battle.

Our partners continue to pursue this case with urgency on behalf of millions who are enduring the devastating effects of Israel’s rampage. U.S. government leaders have the power and the legal responsibility to stop the genocide. And the court has the authority to force them to do so. If powerful countries are not held to their human rights obligations to prevent genocide, the law must be taken into the streets.

While our comrades take to the courtroom, we call on all people of conscience to take action wherever you are on January 26. This could look like:

  • A local ceasefire rally or action targeting your elected official

  • A local viewing of the livestream of the court hearing (details to come soon)

  • Calls to your congressional representatives urging them to demand the U.S. Government uphold it’s legal obligations to end support for Israel’s genocidal campaign against Gaza

  • Another creative action that demands the courts hold U.S. government leaders accountable for their complicity in genocide

Use this toolkit to help plan a local action on January 26, wherever you are!

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