#BoeingArmsGenocide Call to Action Nov 7th-13th

THIS NOV 7th-13th, Dissenters and the #BoeingArmsGenocide campaign invite you to join us for a #DivestFromDeath Week of Action. This week, we will take action against Boeing’s continued war profiteering in Illinois and demand that Governor Pritzker and the State of Illinois end its investment in Boeing and the multi-billion dollar drone facility.

This deadly drone facility will only increase surveillance and violence in marginalized communities across the globe. By engaging in direct action that disrupts business as usual, we can reject Boeing’s propaganda and influence public opinion and decision-makers to take power, partnerships, and profit away from Boeing in Illinois.  

The #BoeingArmsGenocide campaign, led by powerful youth organizers, are rising up to get free, to break the power of the U.S. war industry, and halt the unjust war on communities of color around the world. As residents of Illinois, we want to see an end to our tax dollars being used to perpetuate death and destruction in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, West Papua, the Philippines, and more. The resources Illinois has committed to Boeing should be reallocated to fund life-affirming services – education, housing, healthcare, pandemic relief, small business grants, clean energy jobs, restorative justice programs, and so much more!!

Take action with us virtually and in-person as we oppose Boeing’s presence in our state, demand the end of Illinois’ relationship with this war profiteer, and call for the redirection of taxpayers' dollars towards life-affirming services.

The tides are turning. Here’s what you can do today to take action and demand an immediate end to Illinois tax credits towards war profiteer Boeing:

1.  Canvass with #BoeingArmsGenocide!

No canvassing experience or knowledge of the campaign needed! We will gather in community, have a canvassing training, and speak to our neighbors together.

Two in-person canvasses:

  • Thursday, November 10th in Rogers Park 3-5 pm. Meet at PO Box Collective (6900 N Glenwood Ave) at 3 PM!
  • Friday, November 11th in Hyde Park from 3-5 pm. Meet on the back patio of Cafe 53 (1369 E 53rd St) at 3 PM!

2.  Participate in a Social Media Storm against PARIC, Boeing’s drone factory construction company!

Use this toolkit on Thurs, Nov 10th from 12-5 PM CST/1-6 PM EST to participate in our social media storm against PARIC, the construction company slated to build Boeing’s drone factory in Southern Illinois -- a drone factory funded by Illinois tax dollars.

3. Join us on Instagram Live!

Join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 3:30 PM CST @wearedissenters Instagram Live, along with Resist US-led Wars-Seattle, to learn more about how we are taking action against Boeing across the country and how you can join us!

P.S. You can boost posts about the #DivestFromDeath Week of Action on Instagram and Twitter. And don’t forget to sign the petition! <3

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