Boston DSA Labor Organizing Interest Form

Hello! Welcome to the Labor Working Group of the Boston Democratic Socialists of America.

We're glad you're interested in helping to build the labor movement. The information on this form is being collected by the organizing committee of the Labor Working Group, we will reach out to you soon to schedule a 1-on-1 chat. Please email us at with any questions or concerns.

We're looking forward to organizing with you. Here are some things you can look forward to:

2022 is the Year of Labor in Boston. Our chapter voted on two External Chapter Priorities that involve defending and growing the local labor movement.

Our Labor Priority involves two efforts, Solidarity Work and Rank-and-File Organizing. Our solidarity work will help striking workers and support them on the picket line, and also aid workers who are organizing a union at their workplace (Starbucks, Grad School Workers). Our Rank-and-File Organizing work will involve placing DSA members in strategic jobs, either to organize a non-union workplace, or to get involved in the union at a unionized workplace. We are also hosting Industry Groups, regular meetings where workers in similar industries can chat, vent, strategize, and support each other.

We will also join with other working groups and neighborhood branches to defeat the Uber/Lyft App Worker Referendum to classify workers as independent contractors. This project will involve navigating the local labor movement, advocating for existing unions to fight alongside us, and canvassing voters.

We also have regular projects outside of the Chapter Priorities. We publish a blog, Working Mass, which always needs volunteers and contributors. We have all the resources you need if you want to organize your workplace. Let us know what you're interested in!

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