C-SPAN, remove Allan Block from your board of directors

C-SPAN’s Executive Committee


400 N. Capitol St., NW

Suite 650

Washington, DC 20001

Stand with America’s media workers and remove Allan Block from C-SPAN’s board

Dear Ms. Laulis and Messrs. Esser, Watson, McAdaragh and Rutledge,

Your fellow C-SPAN board member Allan Block has made quite a bit of news lately.

You’re likely aware of the Block family’s support of the January 6 insurrection and their attempts to manipulate their newspaper’s coverage of the attempted coup. And perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have seen the video of Allan hitting a former employee with a bag of fast food.

We need you to know about his and his brother’s inhumane treatment of workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who went on strike in October after the Blocks stripped health insurance from dozens of workers. The National Labor Relations Board has also found merit in violations of federal labor law and we expect a judge to issue a favorable ruling for the striking workers soon.

Because of this behavior, we are calling on you and the board to remove Allan Block from your board of directors immediately.

Allan Block has become a liability — to his employees, to his company, and to C-SPAN’s reputation as an institution of stability and objective coverage.

C-SPAN has earned that reputation through decades of dedication to high standards by remaining neutral. You and the board uphold those standards and have acted swiftly before to remove anything that could damage C-SPAN’s brand.

Allan is actively damaging the network’s brand. And we and others have seen his reckless acts and will be sharing them widely as we continue to seek his removal from this institution of public discourse.

We urge you to apply your own rigorous standards to one of your own board members.


Christopher M. Shelton

CWA President

Sara Steffens

CWA Secretary-Treasurer

Dennis Trainor

CWA Vice President District 1

Ed Mooney

CWA Vice President District 2-13

Richard Honeycutt

CWA Vice President District 3

Linda Hinton

CWA Vice President District 4

Claude Cummings, Jr.

CWA Vice President District 6

Susie McAllister

CWA Vice President District 7

Frank Arce

CWA Vice President District 9

Lisa Bolton

Vice President of Telecommunications & Technologies

Margaret Cook

Vice President of Public, Health Care and Education Workers

Charles Braico

NABET-CWA President

Jon Schleuss

The NewsGuild-CWA President

Carl Kennebrew

IUE-CWA Industrial Division President

Sara Nelson

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA President

Martin O'Hanlon

CWA-SCA Canada President

Keith Gibbs

At-Large Member Local 9412

Gloria Middleton

At-Large Member Local 1180

Vera Mikell

At-Large Member Local 2205

Erika White

At-Large Member Local 4319