Call To Ask Speaker Johnson to Schedule a Hearing on the Skip The Stuff Bill

Ask Speaker Johnson to hurry up and skip the stuff.

Please take two minutes right now to call NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson to ask him to schedule a hearing on the Skip the Stuff Bill (Int. 1775-B) and bring it to a vote on the council floor.

1. Dial: 212-788-7210 to reach Speaker Johnson's Legislative Office.

2. When someone answers, feel free to use your own words or follow this short script:

"Hi, my name is YOUR NAME and I'm calling from YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD to urge Speaker Johnson to please support the Skip the Stuff Bill (1775-B) and schedule a hearing for it ASAP. The Skip the Stuff bill will help cut NYC's heavy single-use plastic footprint and climate change emissions, and also save our struggling restaurants money. I have a fridge full of ketchup and relish and my drawers are overflowing with plastic forks and soy sauce packets. Most people I know neither need nor want these items with our food in the first place.

Time is running out to pass this simple, effective and popular bill this session and I hope the Speaker will make this a top priority and schedule a hearing immediately."

3. Thank the staffer for taking your call. They may ask you to provide your full address.

4. Once you've hung up, please take a moment to fill out the form on the right to let us know how your call went. A very important step!

Thank you so much for helping to stem the tide of plastic pollution in NYC and beyond.

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