CALPIRG Pledge Cancellation

CALPIRG is a student-directed and student-funded nonprofit at eight of the UC campuses. We work to defend the environment, protect public health and consumers from ripoffs, and promote democracy by registering voters and working to get big money out of politics. We have been active at the UCs for over 40 years and have accomplished a lot, including working to increase federal financial aid by $36 billion, helping to ban plastic grocery bags in over 138 cities and counties, and registering 40,000 students to vote in 2012. We are funded by tens of thousands of UC students that contribute through the CALPIRG voluntary pledge fee. This gives us the resources to hire our own professional staff that work with students to research problems and solutions, write bills and lobby our elected officials in Sacramento and Washington DC, and run effective grassroots campaigns to win. Each CALPIRG pledge is crucial in giving us the resources to fight for the environment and students.

The CALPIRG pledge fee is only charged to those students that opt in to pay. Once you sign up, it is a reoccurring fee each term until you graduate. Once you graduate the fee will automatically stop.

If you need to cancel your voluntary fee pledge of support to CALPIRG, please complete the form to the right.

Cancellations made before the following dates will be effective the following term, otherwise it will be effective the term after:

August 1st for Fall Quarter (or Semester for UC Berkeley), November 1st for Winter Quarter (or Spring Semester for UC Berkeley), February 1st for Spring Quarter.

If you have any questions or believe you are eligible for a pledge refund, please contact CALPIRG at (213) 251-3680 x330 or Approved pledge refunds will be refunded by CALPIRG directly. The University of California is not responsible for pledge refunds.

Federal Privacy Act Notification: I understand that CALPIRG and University of California representatives may see this form during administrative processes related to the CALPIRG voluntary fee.

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