Get Involved With Climate Action RI!

To safeguard our future, we must transition our energy system with speed and justice. This requires applying pressure to all levels of government and society. Help us achieve this task in Rhode Island!

We have many groups of volunteers ready to welcome you in. Some are statewide; some are regional. Some focus on public actions; others on research, writing, or art. Most require a commitment of only an hour or two per week. Let us know which seem interesting to you, and we'll be in touch!

CARI Teams

  • Local Climate Teams (Greater Providence, East Bay, Newport County, South County, Blackstone): join neighbors from your region of the state to get to know your elected officials, make endorsements in key races, and urge climate action.
  • Politics Team: track State House climate bills, regulations, and ordinances in Rhode Island; promote hearings and petitions; support Local Climate Teams. A little more intense than the Local Teams!
  • End Fossil Fuel Funding: put pressure on Chase Bank and other major investors whose profiteering loans fund the fossil fuel industry's continued drilling. Team activities include in-person protests at Chase Bank branches; fossil fuel divestment and shareholder campaigns; social media campaigns, and LED light and urban projection protests.
  • Member Recruitment & Activation: generate creative ways to reach Rhode Islanders who will engage in climate action. Use art, actions, and direct outreach to keep volunteers engaged!
  • Communication: help manage our website, blog, email, and social media.
  • Fundraising: CARI is an all-volunteer group, but with the right expertise, we could raise enough money to take our organization to the next level.

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