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Canada burned all summer long in 2023. This winter, we've had unseasonably warm temperatures and low precipitation. Provincial wildfire forces are "sounding the alarm" over staffing shortages, while the federal government has still not implemented a national firefighting agency. The stage is set for another disastrous wildfire season and a terrifying summer.

Last summer 240 000 Canadians were forced from their homes. 8 firefighters died. 2 billions of CO2 emissions were released.

We have waited too long for our politicians to do something.

Change only takes place when people are willing to sacrifice, whether it's sacrificing their time, their liberty, or their money.

This spring, we are engaging in civil resistance in Ottawa starting in early May. For this, we need:

  1. Individuals committed to going to Ottawa and engaging in civil resistance!
  2. Donations to help pay for recruitment and legal expenses!
  3. Individuals willing to help with recruitment in Ottawa and Montreal.
  4. Individuals willing to help with arrest support in Ottawa.

If you are willing to do what it takes, please sign up for one of the 4 actions!

Attend a TALK if you haven't already.

We are the last generation. But we are also the first. We are everywhere, we are coming.


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Our Demands:

  • A National Firefighting Agency that trains and employs 50,000 full-time professional firefighters by 2024, and
  • A legally binding citizens' assembly of ordinary people to guide Canada's response to the climate and ecological crisis

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