Are you considering leaving Salt Spring due to the housing crisis? Tell us your story

#GoodbyeSaltspring: Are you considering leaving the island due to the stresses involved with finding or staying in a home? Know someone who is leaving or has already left? Please share your story.

After festering for years, our workforce housing crisis has only gotten worse, with so many of us finding it harder and harder to stay on Salt Spring. Our musicians, nurses, teachers, restaurant staff, tradespeople and even the very farmers working to feed us are being forced into the heart-breaking decision of saying goodbye to this community because they can't find housing, leaving us all the poorer as a result.

To all the people who are considering leaving, we SEE you, and we need to HEAR you.

Salt Spring is at a critical point where decisions are being made that will either start to finally address this crisis in our community, or continue to avoid and ignore it. Without action, the Salt Spring we love – the artists, families, young people, activists, counter-culture hippies and weirdos that have long been the lifeblood of this alternative community – might disappear.

We can still solve this, but the community needs to hear from you to help them build understanding and empathy, and for our leaders have the courage and mandate to act! By sharing your story and filling out this form below you will help us tell the story of how lack of workforce housing affects our community well being. We will share these stories (with your permission) online, in the local media, and at public meetings.

Thanks for sharing your story or forwarding this form to someone who you care about!  

Note: Sharing your story helps Salt Spring Solutions learn more about what is happening to real people. We use this information to explain complex social issues to the public, the local media and elected officials. When you give us your story, you agree that we may use, share and make public your story using only your first name. We will not share or make public any other information that identifies you personally unless we contact you and gain your permission to do so.

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Aina  Yasue
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