Contact your legislator about the Rescue RI Act

When you fill out this form, you’ll be redirected to a resource sheet where you can find out who your legislators are, get their contact information, and read guidelines on how to email them! Emailing your legislator is one of the best ways to make your voice heard and influence how they vote on the Rescue Rhode Island Act!

What is the Rescue Rhode Island Act and why do we need it?

All Rhode Islanders – no matter our backgrounds – want dignified work, a safe place to call home, food for our families, and clean air to breathe and water to drink. But today, in the midst of a pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders are struggling to make rent and put food on the table, while a wealthy few are getting even richer.

We deserve better, and we need to join together now to fight for it.  

We have the power to ensure that everyone in Rhode Island – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a dignified job with a liveable wage, can afford a comfortable home and enough food, and can walk or play outside in clean air. The Rescue Rhode Island Act will set us on the path to that future, putting thousands of Rhode Islanders to work building affordable, green homes, running local farms and community gardens, installing rooftop solar panels for low-income households, cleaning up pollution, and slashing the carbon emissions that are causing the climate crisis. A better world isn’t just possible, it’s necessary, and it starts with us.

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