Create Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Youth: Download this Toolkit

We’re excited to launch our new Toolkit, Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Youth: A Toolkit for Education, Healthcare, and Community-Based Organizations. Simply fill out the form and we'll automatically send you an email with the Toolkit for you to read, print, use, share, etc.

This Toolkit has been developed to assist individuals, community-based organizations, providers, healthcare staff, educators, and others that see the value of incorporating key safer space components into their organizations so that young people survive and thrive. Recommendations serve as a guide and should be tailored to each individual young person and organizational setting.

This Toolkit highlights challenges faced by LGBTQ youth, offers insight on how they thrive, and enhances awareness about existing disparities in order to provide more comprehensive, competent, evidence-based care and support to this community.

But we understand that healthcare, education, and community-based organizations vary in capacity, size, and demographics. This Toolkit does not embrace a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it provides actionable advice on implementing practices, programs, and policies that affirm LGBTQ young people. It is important to recognize that organizations are also often at different places in their evolution toward acknowledging the need to intentionally serve and uplift LGBTQ young people and in their efforts to take action to do so.

We hope you enjoy. Feel free to send any questions to Armonte Butler at

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