Letter to fellow FCPS Colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

Having a voice in our working conditions is critical to improving our economic and professional well-being. Even before COVID-19 exposed the fragility of our system, FCPS employees experienced deteriorating working conditions, instability, and limited input to the decisions impacting our health and livelihoods. The added challenges of the pandemic have brought this situation to a breaking point.

Together, the FEA and FCFT are unwilling to accept this status quo. We’re coming together for a stronger voice, especially when it comes to the time, resources, and respect needed to best serve students.

Collective bargaining is that stronger voice.

We must have a guaranteed seat at the table to address staffing shortages, safe working conditions, pay and benefits, and anything else within FCPS that would make teaching, working, and learning the best it can be. We do this by showing the system that staff are united. Standing together is our only way to reverse unfair conditions and raise the standards for ourselves and our students.

The FCPS School Board is working on a resolution that would grant its employees collective bargaining rights; however, in order to make collective bargaining a reality, we have to demonstrate that FCPS employees want a stronger say in their working conditions.

We are asking you to help us pass collective bargaining NOW.

Will you add your name, along with thousands of your fellow colleagues, to gain that stronger voice?