Tell Congress: A vote for a ‘fiscal commission’ is a vote to cut Social Security and Medicare!

Wall Street-friendly members of Congress are attacking our Social Security system―but they don’t want us to know it.

In his very first speech upon winning the Speakership, Mike Johnson (R-LA) called for the ‘immediate’ creation of a fast-tracked commission that could take Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid behind closed doors and cut them.

House Budget Chairman Jodey Arrington (R-TX) has held two hearings recently on legislation to create such a commission and suggested that he may insist on its creation as a ransom for continued government funding in January.

The American people clearly want Social Security expanded, not cut. Polling shows that regardless of political party, 80% of Americans would prefer to protect Social Security and Medicare to cutting them to reduce the deficit. That’s why Wall Street politicians want to make changes to Social Security and Medicare in secret.

Without a special, secret commission, these politicians would have to make their policies known, and voters could make informed choices about who they want representing them in Washington.

The White House has rightly called this sort of commission a "death panel for Medicare and Social Security."

Sign now to send a message to Congress: We know that a vote for a ‘fiscal commission’ is a vote to cut Social Security and Medicare!