Defend the Atlanta Forest!

Atlanta is a city in a forest. We have the highest percentage of tree canopy of any major metropolitan area in America, and this canopy is the main factor in ensuring Atlanta's resilience in the face of climate change. In Southeast Atlanta, our forest is home to wetlands that filter and absorb rainwater and prevent flooding. It is also one of the last breeding grounds for many amphibians in the region, as well as an important site for migratory and wading birds.

The history of this particular land is deeply scarred. In the early 1800s, the land was stolen from Creek and Cherokee peoples. In the early 1900s, a prison farm was opened where inmates were forced to perform unpaid agricultural labor. This is how the institution of slavery transitioned into the modern prison system. APD currently uses this hallowed ground as a firing range.

The forest is at risk of further fragmentation and destruction as the police and Hollywood make plans to devastate Atlanta's largest remaining green space.

The Atlanta Police Department seeks to turn 300 acres of forest into a tactical training compound featuring a mock city. Already, the forest is littered with their tear gas canisters and shot up school buses from use as a firing range.

Intrenchment Creek is an existing public park adjacent to the Prison Farm. Dekalb County plans to swap this land with Blackhall Studios, a major film company. Blackhall seeks to clear cut 170 acres of forest to develop into an air field and the largest sound stage in America.

We refuse to let the Atlanta Forest be bulldozed in favor of the police and sold out to Hollywood.

There are many forms of action and advocacy to be taken. This is a broad, decentralized, autonomous movement. Get involved in whatever ways move you.

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