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We stand in solidarity with victims of police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement. We call for officials to defund the NYPD by 50% and cut the police force by 50% immediately.

Justice for Black lives means investing in communities, but here in NYC, schools, hospitals, housing and social services go underfunded while billions are spent on the NYPD.

Real safety and justice comes from investing in services and infrastructure that improve the quality of people’s lives: good jobs, dignified housing, healthcare, childcare, elder care, mental healthcare, education, transit, food security, and free time for culture and community.

Police don't keep us safe. We keep us safe.

We are calling for an immediate, dramatic reversal of York City’s priorities, but in the long term, we are fighting for a society where working people have everything we need to keep ourselves safe, and we can abolish all systems of policing and punishment.

Learn more at www.defundnypd.com.

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The work of the #DefundNYPD campaign happens within the 7 subcommittees listed to your right. You may select any of the options to learn more about what our subcommittees are working on and how you can get involved. We will be in touch to plug you in. Welcome!