Demand Action: Stop the Brutal Slaughter of Innocent Animals

URGENT: Millions of animals are suffering EVERY DAY at the hands of abusive animal killers in USDA-certified slaughter facilities across the United States.

And FELONY crimes are happening right in front of USDA inspectors, and they aren’t even blinking an eyelid. Let alone reporting them or shutting them down.

ARM has gone undercover, documented the crimes, and handed the evidence to the USDA more times than we can count, only to see the same frustrating outcome. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

The fact is federal USDA agents are literally paid to monitor, regulate, and mandate the activities at animal slaughter operations to ensure that they are compliant with running “HUMANE” operations where animals don’t suffer.

But they continue to blatantly ignore gross violations and crimes of their own laws - laid out in the Humane Methods Slaughter Act.

Tell the Secretary of Agriculture: Step up and clean up the incompetent mess of the USDA and protect innocent animals being tortured at slaughter facilities.

Sign this important petition, and we will send your name along with thousands of others to Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, so that we can make a bigger impact on your behalf.