Demand an Executive Action from President Biden: No Government Contracts for Pharmacies that Refuse to Carry Mifepristone.

Walgreens has put politics above people's health by deciding to halt the distribution of mifepristone, a drug used in medication abortions, in at least 21 states, including some where abortion is legal.

This decision has now set a dangerous precedent for other pharmacies to follow suit and was made in response to pressure from Republican attorneys general.

However, California has shown us that it is possible to hold these corporations accountable for their actions. Governor Gavin Newsom has suspended a $54 million contract with Walgreens due to their decision not to distribute mifepristone.

In doing so, California is showing how the government can leverage its power to defend the right to choose. But we cannot stop there. What the Governor of California is doing, President Biden can do through executive action nationwide.

We must demand that the federal government stand with us in protecting our health and our rights. Corporations like Walgreens can’t put politics over the health of the American people. Sign the petition by adding your name now.

Tell President Biden:

Use Executive Action to End Government Contracts with any Pharmacy that Refuses to Carry Mifepristone Now!