Demand Congress show up for workers and pass the PRO Act today

After 40 days on strike, the UAW has reached tentative agreements with Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

Here’s just some of what’s in the tentative agreements:

  • All three corporations will give a 25% raise + cost of living adjustment, bringing total average pay increases to more than 30%.

  • The Big Three will end the tier system that pays less for the same work and speed up workers’ progression toward higher wages.

  • GM and Ford both agreed to place electric battery factories under the same master agreement as all other factories.

  • Stellantis made an unprecedented agreement to reopen a shuttered plant in Illinois.

The effects of these gains will be felt beyond GM, Ford, and Stellantis. We know that when union jobs set a higher pay standard, non-union employers are often forced to match it. And after securing these victories with the Big Three automakers, momentum is growing for unionizing auto workers at Tesla, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and more.

This is why the PRO Act is so important. The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act would restore the right of workers to freely and fairly form a union and bargain together for changes in the workplace. Unions are essential to an economy that works for everyone in America.

Corporate profits are extracted by exploiting workers and keeping them impoverished. It’s both unjust and unsustainable. We must give workers more power to collectively bargain and challenge the power that big corporations have. That’s exactly what the PRO Act is intended to do.

Demand Congress show up for workers and pass the PRO Act by adding your name now.