Demand Networks Show the Final January 6 Committee Hearings in Prime-Time Now

At least 20 million people watched the first prime-time hearing of the House Select Committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The final hearing was watched by at least 17 million.[1]

That’s some of the highest viewership of any show on TV, rivaling Sunday Night Football and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And it’s helping to turn the tide of public opinion about the danger our democracy is in right now.[2]

The problem is there were 8 hearings in total and the 6 that didn’t air during prime-time lost half of that viewership.

In the battle to save our democracy from those who want to destroy it, there is nothing more important than the American people seeing with their own eyes the evidence that Trump and several other Republican leaders orchestrated and attempted a coup in order to stay in power.

The people who didn’t see the daytime hearings missed:

  • Multiple Republican witnesses tie Donald Trump directly to the fake electors effort while also testifying he was told many times that the plan was illegal.[3]

  • Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger reveal that 6 Republican members of Congress asked for pardons for their roles in the coup attempt, including Reps. Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks.[4]

  • J Michael Luttig, retired federal judge, George HW Bush appointee, and adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence, expose Donald Trump, his allies and supporters as still “a clear and present danger to American democracy.”[5]

  • Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testify that Donald Trump knew the crowd at the pre-attack rally were armed and dangerous but went ahead anyway saying "I don't f**king care that they have weapons" "they're not here to hurt me."[6]

This list isn’t even a quarter of the startling facts and frightening details exposed during these hearings by the House Select Committee -- and yet, because these hearings were played during the day time instead of during prime-time, too few people saw it with their own eyes.

Democracy dies in darkness, and American deserve the full truth. We must expose Donald Trump and anyone else who planned, promoted or participated in the attempted coup to as many Americans as possible.

These hearings are Must See TV that shouldn’t be buried during day time broadcast. Demand networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, show the final January 6 committee hearings in prime-time now.

(Photo Credit: ABC News)

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