Demand the United States conduct a full investigation into Pakistani election interference! >>

Pakistanis just came out to vote for democracy, in one of the most inspiring moments in Pakistan’s history. But now there are widespread, credible allegations of election intimidation and overt rigging coming from election observers in Pakistan, and it’s critical that the United States heed these concerns.

From the stark discrepancies between the preliminary vote and final results to attacks on pro-democracy candidates, media, and internet access, the United States needs to demand a thorough, independent investigation into the alleged election fraud before recognizing a new government in Pakistan. The Pakistani military regime’s only hope is for the U.S. to recognize its stolen election and continue business as usual. In light of the longstanding U.S. role in arming and training Pakistan’s brutal military regime, we must stand with the Pakistani people.

Will you sign the petition and call for a full investigation? >>

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