Tell DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to Deny Norlite Aggregate LLC's Air Toxics Permits

Norlite Aggregate, LLC, has been a serial violator of environmental law for more than thirty years. In 2020, the facility was in the press for secretly burning millions of gallons of PFAS-containing AFFF firefighting foam without first conducting test burns or a permit review.  The facility's Title V Air Permit and Part 373 Hazardous waste are undergoing the renewal process, which occurs only once every five years. Tell DEC Comissioner Basil Seggos to address environmental injustice from Norlite's pollution by denying these permits.

1. Dial Commissioner Seggos' office at 518-402-8545.

2. When someone answers or if you're instructed to leave a voicemail, you can use your own words or the script below:

Hi, my name is _YOUR NAME_ and I'm calling from _YOUR TOWN/CITY_ to urge the DEC to deny Norlite Aggregate LLC's Title V Air permit and Part 373 Hazardous Waste permit.

Norlite is a serial violator of environmental law, and 30 years of enforcement actions have failed to bring Norlite into compliance. Hazardous waste should not be burned in a residential area, and more than 50,000 people may be exposed to Norlite's emissions, especially those at Saratoga Sites, the City of Cohoes, Troy, and the Capital Region. It's time to address Norlite's environmental injustice. Deny Norlite's air toxics permit renewal.

3. Thank the staffer for taking your call.

4. Then please take 5 seconds to fill out the form on the right to let us know how your call went. It is so helpful for us to know what you're hearing.


Norlite Aggregate LLC burns hazardous waste in an urban environmental justice area just 100 feet from a public housing complex. Burning toxic waste can be hazardous to health and well-being; further, fugitive dust from Norlite’s aggregate product contains razor sharp glass that is known to cause silicosis, a progressive and deadly lung disease; 30 years of enforcement actions have failed to prevent the dust from escaping into the surrounding community. Norlite also emits fugitive dust from its pollution control system, containing heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, as well as likely containing dioxins and furans.

Norlite is the largest single source of mercury pollution in the state, and is permitted to emit 50 lbs/year, though it exceeded even these modest requirements in test burns in 2020. Mercury can adversely affect children’s ability to learn.

Community members including children are exposed to all of these toxins, and to noxious odors and dust, which compromises quality of life and renders symptoms of nausea and mucus membrane irritation. Norlite is a serial offender of national and NYS environmental laws; We call on the DEC to deny Norlite’s Air Title V and Part 373 Toxic Waste permits, in order to protect the health and welfare of the people Cohoes, Colonie, Troy and other surrounding cities and towns.

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