Stop the Money Pipeline's Text Action Alerts

Since we launched the Text Action Program, we've driven over 200 calls to our target CEOs: Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Jane Fraser of Citigroup, and Brian Moynihan of Bank of America.

Now that we are a little more than a month away from the start of the Glasgow Climate Talks, we need to turn the pressure up and make a lot of noise to get these banks to finally commit to ending their financing of fossil fuels and deforestation. That’s why we’re calling on our STMP activists to stay-up-to-date all things related to this and stay in-the-know to take action with us by signing up for our text alert system.

When you sign up, we’ll be asking you to take quick digital actions like making phone calls, sending emails, signing onto letters, and more! Our texting team will send you the call scripts, email templates, and anything else you will need to take action. These digital actions only take a few minutes and can be taken wherever you are. When we all take action together, it puts real pressure on our targets.

When you get a text alert, there's only three steps:

1. Respond "yes" to us. Then we'll text back with everything you'll need.
2. Take action. Follow the instructions knowing you're taking collective action with thousands.
3. Respond "done!" We want to track our progress and know exactly how much pressure we're applying on our targets.