TELL SCOTUS: Dismiss Moore v. United States

The Supreme Court of the United States is about to hear a major case that could upend the U.S. tax code as we know it -- and we now know the case is based on lies.

In the case of Moore v. United States, Charles and Kathleen Moore owned stock in a foreign corporation and they ended up owing $15,000 in taxes on the income. The Moores claimed this was unconstitutional, a federal court ruled against them, so they appealed -- and the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.

The stakes are high. If SCOTUS rules in the Moores' favor and agrees that taxing unrealized foreign investment gains is unconstitutional -- it would upend the U.S. tax code. There is a real danger that SCOTUS could use the case to preemptively declare wealth taxes – like the OLIGARCH Act – unconstitutional. This would be a disaster.

However, recent reporting has revealed several materially inaccurate statements in the filings of the case.[1] It turns out they weren’t being truthful when they claimed they have a passive ownership stake. According to reports, Mr. Moore had a leadership role in KisanKraft, that he received reimbursement from the company for travel expenses, and that additional investments were made and not disclosed in the filings.

These revelations contradict or were omitted in the original court filings, representing either a failure to perform due diligence on the basic facts or a willful misrepresentation of those facts to the Court. Either way, it reveals the Moores are not modest would-be philanthropists; instead they are sophisticated financiers who deliberately engineered this situation with profit motives -- and then hid the facts that didn’t help their case.

Chief Justice John Roberts seems to care about the legacy of the Court. And it’s clear, public pressure is finally having an impact.

In a noticeable break from his recent decisions, Justice Thomas recused himself from an appeal by John Eastman -- the architect of the 2020 plot to overturn the election -- to vacate a lower court’s decision against him.[2]

This was a big deal. It’s hard to believe Justice Thomas, who has never recused himself from a 2020 election related case, didn’t recuse himself for any other reason than the public pressure calling for it.

The Supreme Court, based on the revelation of lies and misinformation presented as the foundation of the claim, must immediately dismiss this case and let the lower court ruling stand.

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[1] Moore, Part 4: The Moores’ Mistakes, Misstatements, and Possible Misfiling
[2] Justice Thomas Recuses as Supreme Court Turns Down Appeal From Eastman